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ECE/CS 552 Introduction to Computer Architecture

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Contact List:

Instructor: Prof. Mikko Lipasti
Office: 4613 Engineering Hall
Office Hours: M3:30-4:30, R11-12
Email: mikko at
TA: Guangyu Shi
Office: B632 Engineering Hall
Office Hours: W10:30-11:30 F3:15-4:15
Email: gshi2 at

Lecture Notes:

Section Schedule:

M 5-6pm, EH2540, EVERY WEEK starting Sept. 13, 2010. ( 1st Discussion at ME 1245)
Date Topic Note
9/13/2010 Quartus tutorial, HW1 help (ME 1245)

Quartus Tutorial, Link correction
Useful links for MIPS ISA

9/20/2010 HW1 help Summary
9/27/2010 HW2 help Summary
10/04/2010 HW2 help

Quartus Tip

10/11/2010 HW3 help Summary
10/18/2010 HW3 help Summary
10/25/2010 Midterm help

Sample Midterm Solution
Problem 9 figure

11/1/2010 No discussion  
11/8/2010 HW4 help Summary
11/15/2010 HW4 help Summary
11/22/2010 Project help Summary
11/29/2010 HW5 help  



Exams: (to be updated)



Project Demo Schedule, 12/12/2010 (EH 1249)

Time Names
10:00 am Ang Li, Zach, Kaimin
10:20 am Tyler Tucker, Chris Bain, Scott Stiegart
10:40 am Tyler Beatty, Scott Rick, Josh Leibfried

11:00 am

Johnathan Alsop, Sio Man Chan, Dale Willis
11:20 am Jonathan Schwartz, Yue Weng Mak, Jung-Tai Tsai
11:40 am Cory Manthei, Garret Germain, Jake Pelletier
12:00 noon Vail, Frisby, Wilson
12:20 pm Ramkumar, Krishnendra Nathella, Rishabh Gupta
12:40 pm Abhirami, Eddie, Anusha
1:00 pm Adithya Krishnamurthy, Kamlesh Prakash, Sooraj Puthoor
1:20 pm Adam Ecker, Devon Harris, Brett Panosh Jr
1:40 pm Zhuo, Jiantao, Stefan Rank
2:00 pm Jim Matt, Tianhong
2:20 pm Ehlahn, Keith, Xin

Useful Links:

Previous Semesters, other sections, etc: Software Tools:
  • Computer Architecture Research at Wisconsin
  • Computer Architecture Seminar(Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 PM)
  • Computer Architecture Mailing List
  • ACM Digital Library (accessible from the UW domain)
  • World-Wide Computer Architecture Information

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